Sunday, April 6, 2008

" It takes two to Tango"

They are blaming ,again, Syria for the deadlock in the Lebanon
They accuse Syria of delaying the Presidential-election

Nothing is impossible........but Syria could not do it alone .......!
"It takes two to Tango"

55% of the Parliament-Members are counted as being anti-Syrian
when 45% of that same Parliament is "accused " of being pro-Syrian.
One part is called Majority and the 45% is called Minority-or-Opposition .

For the sake of honesty , I must inform you that this Minority
has indeed less seats in the Parliament , but it represents much
more voters/citizens/Lebanese-people.

When we agree that democracy is the power of the people
before being the power of a Parliament .
Or that any Parliamentarian is only worth the number of people he represents
Or that the people can vote ,in or out, any parliamentarian ,
and not the contrary...
then you will understand , hopefully , the point I am making , here .

Simply said , and to be more clear and more unambiguous
just in case ,the UK , the French or the American Ambassador are reading my text :
The Majority of the Lebanese People are considered
( or accused) to be pro-Syria.

Or even simpler said :
the Majority of the Lebanese consider themselves as the Opposition.

Thus , the actual Government becomes then a minority-Government ,
if not an illegal-government, who is blaming Syria for its " intervention "
while ,itself, is dancing to the tunes of UK, France and the USA.

Syria is no Angel !!
but who said that Lebanese were angels ??
Besides that, Angels do not go into politics......
(because they have no ... ...)

At any rate , please note down that :
The so-called-Majority is factually a Minority
and the so called Minority is a Majority by numbers and by quality
and is pro-Syria , by free and natural choice.

And yours truly says :
Give me the "Dictatorship" of (an Arab) President al Assad
and you may keep that "Democracy" of (a Yankee) President Bush.
(and the Majority in the Lebanon , agrees with me,obviously)
Just pull out your calculators !!

Sherlock Hommos
preferring an honest dictatorship to a false democracy
6Th of April 2008
the day when the brave-Egypt decided to stay home !!!

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