Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Thruth about the Truce....petition to be signed...and to be sent to that "God"

The Olympic Flame is a symbol of
the Olympic games....!!!
and not anyway a symbol of Chinan
or for the Chinese Regime .

If and when you would like to support
Tibet as a country ,
as a nation , or as a religion
go ahead....!!
but please !! ,
leave that flame in Peace.

The Olympic games were created for sports
and eventually and simultaneously for
a Truce
between any opponents...

We once, broke that Truce in 1972 , in Munich
but there again ,we were not members of the Olympics,
nor were we invited......!
and 9 of the dead Israeli-athletes were active-soldiers,but on leave ....
and neither did we start those shootings.

Raja Chemayel , RPB
in Amsterdam
Sherlock Hommos , PhD.
in Beirut
Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom,
in Tel Aviv

Sign this petition and send to a "God", called Dalay Lama........
3 people have signed already..until now...thousands will follow !!

please sign and send to :

Dalay Lama ,
the Incarnated God on Earth
subversion department
Block 5
East Wing , suite 447
Langley, Virginia

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