Wednesday, April 9, 2008

About incidents and accidents...

A Jury in London has ruled that Princess Diana died due to the car-accident
or rather by " unlawful-killing" thanks to her drunken-driver.

I , for one , never believed in any lawful-killing
and I would prefer the expression of "accidental-killing ".

And talking of accidents and accidental ......
(unfall und zufall)

I noticed that Princess Diana was probably accidentally pregnant
by her Boy-friend who incidentally was a Muslim ??

Which would lead to an accidental-situatio n where the future king
of the United Kingdom would have , accidentally a Muslim-Step-Father
and a Muslim-half- brother or half-sister .....also accidentally !!

The conspiracy theory is not accidentally unprovable
nor incidentally indefensible. .......Diana has had to die !!

Fornicating , left and right , is no more a sin
in the Western Cultures and never was Diana
reproached nor blamed...... for it.
but that her lover was a Muslim (secular or not !)
is a pure incident or rather pure accident.... .
but the incident of that accident was no accident !!

Nowadays , Islam is in the bad light.
Muslim Pilots landed in the Twin Towers,
and that was no accident !!
Occupied Afghanistan is 98% Muslim
Occupied Palestine is 83% Muslim
and Iraq is occupied and 90% Muslim
Iran shall be nuked while being 96% Muslim
............ and all that is no accident !!

But the King of House of Windsor
would not need
any Muslim-Step- Father
nor any Muslim-sister/ brother.

The first Christians entering the UK
were ,accidentally , Irish-missionaries and they, incidentally ,
never have had any car-accidents ,
and the rest is history..... ......... .....

Raja Chemayel
99% Christian and 90% behind Islam
9th of April 2008.....and where is Spring ????

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Anonymous said...

The driver was not a good Muslim, so he drank - and was drunk. That explains most of it.