Monday, June 8, 2009

In the middle of the Middle-East

The cleanest and the clean !!

When the Lebanon votes
the world keeps on turning..... ..
Although we the Lebanese ,
would like to think differently,

The Wahhabi's could not knock out the Jaafaree´s
nor can we say that all the Lebanese are all
revolutionaries who want to liberate Palestine.

At least Lebanon stayed in the middle of the Middle-East
between the Phoenician heritage and avangardist-liberators.

The rich remained rich
and the righteous kept their moral upper ground

Hezbollah shall disarm itself ,
only, in Jerusalem
not in Beirut nor in Cairo nor in Ryadh.

Who ever wants to disarm Hezbollah , earlier,
must come and collect them by himself !!!

Raja Chemayel
the day after the elections

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