Sunday, June 7, 2009

Beware of politics......and the brothels
A brothel I have never visited....
but Vincent did.

A 40 year´s old Joke.

A very willing customer entered to a brothel :
" good evening Madame,
what are the specialities of the house"

Monsieur , said the Chic- Lady,
welcome !!
tonight´s special is

but it will cost you 20 dollars more !!

The gentleman paid hastily and entered to a private room...
there comes a young lady to offer her services,
but she does not even look Spanish nor Latin nor anything like it.

Even after when the encounter has started ,
the customer did not notice anything different
from than "the usual corchoreography ".......

That encounter was almost finishing ,
when the customer asked the girl
with an unsatisfied and irritated tone :
my dear lady , I paid 20 Dollars more
so where is that special Spanish flavor
or that Spanish-style

in all that what we are doing ,now ??????

The lady said :
!! ....I almost forgot !!!
she jumped up , out of bed,
clapped her hands twice
clicked her fingers,
and shouted " Ole !! "
She went back to bed and said :
there you are !!
that was the Spanish-special.... extra.

------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------

How come I remembered this joke 40 years later ??

It happened , when I heard President Obama in Cairo,
during his speech saying : " Al Salam Alaykom...."
he reminded me of the Prostitute shouting " Ole !!"

Because after all , Obama´s speech in Cairo ,
was not better than any other Bush-speech
but only Obama has added " Al Salam Alaykom......" to it ,
like the protitute who added the " Ole "
Beware of politics.... ......... .. and of brothels !!

Sherlock Hommos
never believe a politician.. ..
nor a Brothel-Madame


Shunra said...

Hey, happy birthday, dear!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday !!!

who ever you are ??


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