Saturday, June 13, 2009

who said that Iranians were ugly ?????

Mahmoud AhmadiNejad, has won his elections
The Western Media ,among others, are not happy
and they start showing us each and every protest
in Iran and in Tehran...... .

President AhmadiNejad got 63% of the votes
against all three other candidates.
if 3% is the error margin
and if
15% were to be the margin of eventual-alledged cheating
AhmadiNejad is still the winner

I have ben in Tehran more than 20 times
and I recognise the "level" of the inhabitants
and their neighborhoods. ...

The Western Media is so busy filming
in the chic-neighborhoods and intervieuwing
only the chic-fancy-modern iranis......
while avoiding the popular masses
who actually have brought the victory to AhmadiNejad

Indeed the upper clases of Tehran
would have prefered another candidate
but one citizen means one vote
regardless of the size of one's bank account..... .

AhmadiNejad has won , and the Western Media
should stop manipulating our opinions
they should rather go see what is happening
in South Korea because I smell a lot
of Weapons of Mass Destructions,
like the ones President Saddam has never had.
There are small genocides in Afghanistan and Pakistan, also
like the ones President Saddam has never done.....

The Media ought to report the news
instead of making it.

Raja Chemayel

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