Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Both have a beard and both pray in the same Mosque

My wife said that one of them looks like me !!

President AhamadiNejad got 63% of the votes

If he never have said that the Holocaust is exxagerated
he would have got 78% of the votes

If he never helped Hamas and Hezbollah
he would have got 96% of the votes

Funny that the West is so interrested
in those Iranian elections... ...
bearing in mind that both contesters are :

1- Iranians ( with a beard)
2- Good Muslims
3- first hand members of the Islamic revolution
4- members of the upper-political- elite
5- anti-imperialists and anti-zionist
6- both want nuclear-power

So why all this Media-circus ??

Why electing AhmadiNejad is "bad news"
and electing Mr. Mousavi "good-news" ???????

Both have beards ,
and both pray in the same mosque !!

The West is not anti-AhmadiNejad
as much as it is anti-anything- iranian.. ...
even an election..!

Raja Chemayel

PS :
The higher Council in Iran
shall allow a recounting of the votes

so let us wait and see.....
They migh even bring the experts from Miami,Florida

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