Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Last-Word on Iran's elections.
His last word on Iran's elections .

1- Those who counted the votes claim that
AhmadiNejad has won....

2- Those who never could count the votes claim that
Mussavi has won.....

3- Both Moussavi and AhmadiNejad were indeed competitors
but not (and never) enemies......

4- Foreign Media claimed to know more and better
while the local Media was divided ,like the results
or everything else .

5. Moussavi is even a senior-islamic-revolutionary-member
to AhmadiNejad.

6- Some part of the Iranian society wanted a change ,
but this has nothing to do with the outcome of the elections,
but it was artificially injected and confused into the protest.

7- Each elections,anywhere , could be criticised or doubted
unless it is held in Heaven , itself.......

8- When Bush won from Al Gore , the US-Supreme Court
intervened to his favour ( which was partly-appointed by his father)
The father of AhmadiNejad did not appoint Mr. Khamenei.....

9. Any and all elections can be critised.....all depending on
who has won or rarher who has lost......and who you are !?

10. It is not Twitter nor Face-Book that can hold the Truth
those are only tools , as good as the ones using them.

Raja Chemayel

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