Thursday, June 18, 2009

To demilitarise the victims.....and the "Mohr"
The green part , or what is left over of it,
must be demilitarised !! .

There is an Arab proverb which says :
" If you do not want your daughter to marry
ask for a much too high "Mohr".... "

The Mohr is being the inevitable but traditional present
any future groom must present to the bride's family
before any marriage.............As a precondition,
which is falsely or erroneously interpreted as :
"the price of the bride "

by some misinformed orientalists.

Mr. Nataniahu is not only keeping for himself,
80% of Palestine, he also wants the remaining 20%
to become demilitarised,
as if , it were ever militarised !!

Besides that, if and when Peace is a final goal ,
what is more logic ???
to disarm the aggressor ?
to demilitarise the victims ??

The Israeli-privat-citizens have more hunting-guns
and sport-guns and more personal-guns
than all the Palestinians police and securety
and even all freedom-fighters , all-together .

Let alone that , the State of Nathaniahu
is the world's fifth largest probucer of weapons,
and the third exporter worldwide.

So Nathaniahu asked for the impossible
to make nothing possible ......
his aim is ,to be rejected and ignored ,
in order not to talk about Peace ,
nor about any concessions , for the next decade.

Nathaniahu is not an idiot
but the Peace-negociators are.......

Sherlock Hommos
I paid a Mohr, twice....
and still have no Peace !!

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