Monday, November 12, 2007

Only a French-Foreign-Minister would think that....

The word ,"Hypocrisy" ,
is written in the French-language: "Hypocrisie"
thus, not much of difference between English, on one side,
and the French , on the other.....
both words are written almost the same way
and also pronounced the same.

France's Foreign Minister repeated time and time again that :
" France shall not interfere in Lebanon's choice of President"
and also that
" Each other foreign-power shall and must not influence
this purely Lebanese choice "...........unquote.

Of course ,
you would agree with me that, Lawyers and Diplomats
are the only professions paid to lie,
allowed to lie and immune from the pursuit of honesty.

But I see that the ridiculous .........( le ridicule , in French)
has taken over here from the lies and the hypocrisy.... (hypocrisie)

Indeed , and as a striking example ,the French Foreign Minister
is coming to Beirut ,uninvited.. ..... (although welcome by some)
exactly on the day and hour when this election is planned.

What do we conclude here ?

The words Hypocrisy and Hypocrisie do differ a little
but idiot (in English) and idiot (in French)....
are 100% identical, substantially, orthographically
and even phonetically.

Unfortunately both the English-speaking and the French think
that we (Lebanese) are idiots...... .... (idiots) .

How far are we ,here,from this truth ??
because many Lebanese are not idiots and others are...
Only an idiot does not realise that he is an idiot !
only a French-Foreign- Minister would think that Lebanese are French !!

Raja Chemayel
better to be a Lebanese-idiot , than a French-hypocrite !
12Th. November 2007

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