Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mrs. Anna Polis and Mr.De Ception

The Annapolis Peace Conference
must come out with nothing less than a Miracle
because anything else would be implausibly- incredible.

Besides that ,
all Miracles happen to the faithful and/or to the righteous
and never do they occur to the people like those ones attending
that Oralpolis-conferenc e , very soon .

No sign of honesty , nor credibility nor justice
are present at that conference.. ..
I see only a repetition of everything else
than the above mentioned basic-ingredients.
so necessary and yet all so missing....

It is like building a bridge before ever securing
the road that shall bring us to that bridge.

The only optimist-opportunis t-prediction
of a result ,would be :

"A temporary-compromis e between
the defeated and robbed-victim ,
with its own robbers ,
on the amount of looted-Land,
which will be eventually returned.... if ever !! "

Otherwise it will be cheaper if everybody would stay home
and spare the expenses of travelling and lodging,
unless CNN and CIA are paying for them.....

Sherlock Hommos
wanting the road build ,before any bridge.

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