Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Meaningless-Meeting and the Most-Modern-Monotheist

The Pope meets King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia
which was the most harmless and meaningless meeting
ever in the history of cultures and religions' encounters.

The Pope being what he is, for some of us,
and what he is surely not , for the rest of us,
have met a King who never pretended any religious-role
for which , I have to respect him.

King Abdullah calls himself simply the
"The servant (guardian) of two most Holy sites"
(Mecca and Medina)

Like if and when Mr.Ehud Olmert
would claim that he is the "Guardian of the West-Wall"
which incidentally is simply a Roman Wall in an Arab-city...
and the big difference is that Mecca and Medina are not stolen !
nor occupied.

Back to the Vatican's meeting,
where two different personalities
who are in fact so close on the practical side:
conservatism and fundamentalism makes them
de-facto-allies. ......... .......if not even twins..
Besides the fact that both are awfully rich
and both rely on God's authority to make it theirs.

Islam does not have any hierarchy
and it gives the top-functions to its most learned scholar
among Good's servants.... .while the Vatican works
with a long tradition of posts and functions ,
leading up to a Pyramid's top .
(if you are lucky enough)

In this case , King Abdullah's religion
is more modern and more democratic than the Pope's.

Contraception is better seen and dealt with by Islam
than the Vatican would like Catholics to behave.

Celibacy for Good's servants is only required by the Vatican
while Islam allows them a more humane and natural life.

The Vatican does not allow divorce while Islam does not
bind forever those who want to separate.

Islam does not allow the adoption of any children
unless they are from one own family ....
or only when ,the orphan-child has no family, at all.

The list is long and I am not entitled to analyse more
due to my limited education and knowledge ,
but I wish sincerely ,that the Vatican would not fear the competition
anymore from those most modern monotheists : the Muslims.

Raja Chemayel
an islamophile- christian

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