Sunday, December 9, 2007

This world is in Good-hands

Afghanistan was invaded
because 9 Saudis-citizens and 2 Yemenis
and one Lebanese
have (allegedly) done the 911 attacks
and non was afghanee.

Iraq was invaded
because Saddam Hussein should, allegedly,have had
the Weapons of Mass Destruction,
which he never had .

Iran will be invaded
because 4 years ago, it stopped developing Nuclear power
which many others do anyhow have.

Lebanon might also be invaded
because France calls the Syrians in Lebanon:
" foreign-interference".

Otherwise , the world is perfectly in good-hands !!

Venezuela ,
is lead by an alleged "dictator",
who has held recently a free election
and has lost it , even.

The USA ,
being allegedly the greatest democracy on earth
is holding presidential election ,which,
without the huge money contributions
no candidate could survive .

being the only democracy in the Middle East
is negotiating with its 60 years-old-non-stop-victims.

Otherwise , this world is in good-hands.

Sherlock Hommos
eighth day of December 2007


Anonymous said...

Very good one Raja. Greetz, Arnold

In 50 years there will not be any oil left... Its a shame cars dont' run on hypocrism, because this world is full of it...

Djiin Of Truth said...

About Iran... look here :