Friday, December 7, 2007

He who has lied once......

Me and the Holocaust.

I have only an average-knowledge about the Second World War
and also an average-insight on the Judeo-European History.
I know what I was told and what I have read.

I have lived four decades in Europe among Europeans
Jews and non-Jews , nothing special, nothing outstanding.

What I know quiet well is , that the Zionist-Jews
have lied completely about their origins and that they are
no way genetically connected to the Jews of the Bible,
which was the basis of their claim to the Land of Palestine .

More so , they lied about the Holy-scriptures,
simply by misinterpreting them to their own
colonial advantages and greed .

Last but not least they lied about the History of Palestine
and lied about the non- existence of the Palestinians.

What I know even much more is that the Israeli-Zionists
lied about each and every wars they have fought
against their Arab-neighbours.
In all those cases they were the aggressors
and called themselves the aggressed
(except 1973 which was anyhow the result of 1967)

Knowing that Israelis have lied about their real-Identity
and they have lied about all their seven-aggression-wars
therefore I would not be surprise if they would not have lied
also about the Holocaust , also .

I cannot prove it
and I do not want to prove it
nor do I not have to prove it
what I know already is more than enough.

Besides that ,
if and when the Holocaust did really happen
we Arabs did not take part in it .

But ,he who has lied once ..... !! is a liar

Raja Chemayel

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