Thursday, December 6, 2007

The only tragedy in the Middle East

A Third-World-Dictator is blamed
for being a dictator
only when he does not agree with the West.

A Tyrant is excused only if and when
he follows
the instructions of the White-house

A Despot is tolerated and cherished
especially when
his guide-book is printed in the Pentagon.

How many allies of the USA never
have had an election ?
and how many never lost any election ??

How many Nuclear power plants
are in peaceful-hands
and who defines the word ...............peaceful ??

How many times Israel aggressed its neighbours
and how many times Israel has
massacred its own occupied population ??

How many UN Resolutions
were used as toilet-papers
by the Israeli Government ??

Do you know of any UN-Resolution which was accepted
or recognised or implemented by Israel ??

And finally how many regimes are called :
"The only Democracy in the Middle East" ?


newscruzer1 said...

Be assured that not everyone buys the lies being told to us.
I feel so sad when I see all the needless suffering of the people in that part of the world.
We are all brothers sharing this planet, this place we call our home. When are people going to learn that a true and lasting peace can NEVER be acheived at the end of a gun?
I strongly suggest that you view ZEITGEIST on the internet, this is one of the very best documentries I have seen dealing with Christianity, 9/11 and the American monetary system.
Then there is a book," The learned Elders Of Zion" This deals with how the Zionest sold out their fellow Jews to gain the land they now occupy.Also, take a look at the Talmud, a Jewish Religious teaching tool that points out how the Jews are the predominate people and that every non Jew is to serve to suit their ends.
I am not a Jew hater, but only question some of the teachings they put forth, mainly the Zionist, not the true Hebrew Jew.
I know for a fact that not all Jewish people share the same beliefs that most Zionist put forth.
I also ask the question why it is that Israel can have nuclear weapons and yet nobody can say a thing about it!
May peace be with you

Anonymous said...

Normal and peacefull Jews are also the victims of Zionism