Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Qaddafi and me

Colonel Qaddafi said that:
Terrorism is the power of the poor
I say :
Terrorism is the power of the powerless
Give, later, money and power to the Terrorists
and then they become "respectable" Governments
like Ben Gorion , Menahim Begin, Yithak Shamir
Yithak Rabin and Ariel Sharon.
not to forget
Mr. Ehud Olmert
(who personally has bombed some Synagogues in Baghdad in 1951)

Therefore ,
"Terrorist" is only a temporary adjective
and besides that
one man's terrorist is another man's hero
one man's hero was once another man's terrorist
one man's Israeli Prime Minister
is another man's terrorizer.

Anyhow ,
not every hero was once a terrorist
nor is each terrorist a future hero !!
Raja Chemayel


Djiin Of Truth said...

ONCE I asked a jew this questions (and he did not answer to me;he only told me that i know to much and he did not expected me to know...SO.I put the conclusion that jews think that we, "THE GOYIMI", are to unhumans,animals,unevoluated,unworthy to be called humans,stupids,filthy,worth only to be slaves of them,etc...
to figured out what are they doing in there.-This is what I called DEADLY ARROGANCE):

In the area of Palestine, "ZIONISM" had been the first terrorist ever(they create the first terrorist organizations-IRGUN TZWAI LEUMI;SHTERN ORGANIZATION;PALMAH;etc.).They did horrible things to the Palestinians.They steal ,even today, Palestinians land...They kill,with cold blood,Palestinian children`s...They are the real terrorists in there!!! Do not ask why Palestinians chose to become "suicide bombers"!They do not have any hope or choice...They`ve seen their children shot in the head by IDF army and by jew settlers...They`ve seen their parents tortured by israelis...After all that DO NOT ASK WHY THEY CHOSE TO BECOME "SUCIDE BOMBERS"... If it was you in their place? If your child was born Palestinian...?!?!?! What would you do in that situation? WHAT WOULD YOU BECOME AFTER YOU SEE YOUR CHILD(only 5 years old) WITH HIS BRAINS OUT ON THE FLOOR ,SHOT 'by mistake' from an israeli sniper? Palestine is not jewish land!!!They(zionists) have stolen that land from the palestinians. What people in this ENTIRE WORLD ...had stolen other people land saying that : "IT IS OUR LAND. GOD GIVE THIS LAND TO ME!" ????

P.S.-Sorry for my bad English!Bytheway i was born Christian and baptized Christian-orthodox.


khalid said...


in your post, you said that

Mr. Ehud Olmert
(who personally has bombed some Synagogues in Baghdad in 1951).

hm interesting , could you give me please a source ? , i mean was he part in killing mossad teams ?