Monday, December 10, 2007

What to do ? when you do not want to do ??

What to do ?

when you do not want to do ??

Start late ,
and never finish the Job !

For example if you do not want to visit your mother-in-law in Miami
start packing your luggage late , get the taxi late to Airport,
stand in the wrong line for the check-in at counter
and then your plane would leave without Miami.

The same did Bill Clinton with Yasser Arafat
Bill left all the problems of a Peace-agreement
to the last days of his Presidency
when there was not enough time to mediate
and to play the role of an honest and efficient broker....
and you know the results....

Monica Lewinsky got more satisfaction from Bill
than Yasser ever did.

Today we face the same scenario:
five minutes before twelve , Mahmoud Abbas
naive and opportunist shall hope to collect any thing
from any one and at any Price......
when , Ehud Olmert cannot loose any thing to any one
so Olmert will just loose the time......until George Bush leaves.

And Bush has not much time , anyhow,
so George Bush shall not even loose the time....
because he has not any....time left.

There you have it folks !!

Next time you want things not to happen,
just do not give them the time needed......

Sherlock Hommos
time-keeper for endless negotiations

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