Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rectification and amelioration for the current dictionaries :
Eng.Moustafa Roosenbloom ,
studying the phone-book

Israeli-citizenship :
an artificial-identity
based on a case of an assumed-identity
while living as colonialists
on a stolen Land.

The State of Israel :
a 19Th. century invention confused with a Biblical-myth
of a Kingdom that never was called " Israel"
but Judea and or Samaria.

The Israelites :
a vanished-population
which coincided with the narratives
of the Bible-stories.
In the meantime the Israelites have become Christians
and later Muslims too....
otherwise known as today´s Palestinians !!

The Jews :
people who adhere to Judaism
and are found in different countries
from different races and different cultures
with also different roles in History.

Zionism :
a criminal-colonial- ideology
based on the misinterpretation of the Bible
and based also on a false-genetic- identity

Zionist :
a person who believes in Zionism
whithout necessarily being a Jewish-person.

God´s "promise" to Abraham :
the meeting with Jesus the Messiah
on the Land of Canaan.
(and not the Land of Canaan,itself )

Anti-semitism :
is actualy , Anti-Ashkenazim.
(a European-Christian- Disease,
not at all related to Palestine
nor to Arabs , nor to Islam )

Terrorism :
the power of the powerless.

The writings of Sherlock Hommos :
The simple truth ,
covered with a double- layer
of humour and sarcasm.

Raja Chemayel
(brother-in- law of Sherlock Hommos
and cousin to Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom)

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