Saturday, April 30, 2011

Why to cross over the Red Sea ???
Left ,   is Egypt
and up-right , is Palestine
while down-left ,
 is Saudi Arabia !!

If you are in Egypt,
wanting to go to Palestine,
on foot or riding on a Camel, like Moses did ,
which way ?? you need to go ???

Look at any Map !!!
and tell me if it were, at all , necessary
to cross over the Red-Sea  ???
if and when your final destination is Jerusalem
or Jericho, or Hebron , or Samaria, or Gaza.

Unless if  you were going to Hijaz ( today´s West-Saudi Arabia )
which  is much more lucrative , thanks to the Petrol !!

If we assume that Moses has, indeed, "crossed the Red-Sea"
then his final destination , or his  own "Promised-Land"
would have been , today´s , Saudi Arabia !!

Therefore ,
all the Jews from Russia,Ukraine,Poland,Ethiopia,
Lithuania, Latvia,Perou, Roumania,Holland,Germany and Norway
must relocate into Saudi Arabia......
just like Moses must have probably done !!!
If , Moses did , indeed ,"cross the Red-Sea !!"

There are two possibilities:
Either,  Moses did not cross the Red-Sea
Charleston Heston did it , but with a film-crew  !!!.

Sherlock Hommos
and not a historian of cinematography

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