Monday, June 20, 2011

Maximum 36 fighters
4 rebels ??
9 rebels  ??
17 rebels ??

We all watch our TV-news and  all the TV-documentaries.

Just like you ,
I watched practically each day the news about Libya.

What was on daily bases and also much obvious
were the uprising-forces-people against Colonel Qaddafi.

And I mean here the armed-uprising

and not the normal popular demonstrations.

Did you notice that in each filmed scenes of those fighting
against Colonel Qaddafi´s forces or against Qaddafi-areas ,
we see not more than 30 to (maximum) 35 fighters  ??......only.

I am not against any popular-uprising
anywhere anytime........
because the will of the people is as  holy as my own Bible is !!

But , remains the fact that :
I have never seen more than 35-armed-fighters
(in any scene or any pictures)
in any of those reported and filmed News-reports !!!

All this remains as an enigma for me......

Sherlock Hommos
sceptical TV-viewer 

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