Friday, June 17, 2011

Israeli or Jew ???
1983 Sabra-Chatila massacres
Beirut  Airport 2006
the restorations of Beirut Synagogue 2009

The world still does not consider any difference
between Jews and Israelis.
The world still does not  know,  nor see the difference , even.

Some are right............... some are wrong.

I say there is a difference ,
and even a big one.....!!!

Without going into a long discussion about the theology ,
the sociology, anthropology and history too
I shall give you one clear and specific example:

Beirut , was bombed 18 times by Israelis
Beirut was occupied by Israelis
Beirut was sabotaged 342 times by Israelis
Beirut was paralysed 83 times by Israelis

And yet , despite all that,
Beirut is rebuilding its main synagogue
when practicaly ,even now , less than 300 jews do live in Beirut,
(most of them are above 70 years old.)

Which means that my hometown, Beirut ,
does know the difference and does also make a difference !!!

Do you not  ???

And we dothe seperation between both groups
because we are more educated and morally-supperior

Raja Chemayel

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