Saturday, August 14, 2010

Some call it " Jihad " for the survivor.
"Post traumatic stress syndromes"
is an illness which many US Soldiers, in peculiar,
and even all other western soldiers do suffer after
their missions in Afghanistan and or in  Iraq.....
Needless to say that also Israeli-soldiers
do suffer the same after their contact with
the southern-Lebanese
and of course with the occupied-Palestinians.
It is basically a "crises of one own conscience"
a kind of "self-generated-guilt-feeling"
and you may correct me , if you wish....
What is very obvious,and remarkable,
is the fact that :
the Talibans
never do suffer from the above disease (syndrome)
or at least we never hear of it.
which leads me to only two conclusions :
1- Freedom-fighters have no conscience
2- Freedom-fighters have a clean-conscience.
I am convinced by the second conclusion
which allows me to say :
A war of liberation is the only (legal) acceptable-war !!
Some call it , Jihad..... !!
others call it Revolution or Liberation
and I call it a Duty !!
Raja Chemayel

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