Sunday, January 13, 2008

8000 security officers......

were those rifles , at all, loaded ??

I hear that 8.000 security officers and agents
are mobilised to protect George Bush's visit
in the Stolen Land ....!!!

My God !!
how many would have been necessary
if ever George would visit Beirut ??
18.000 ??.......... or 80.000 ??

No problem for an eventual Iraq visit
because , George has already there :
150.000 GI's
30.000 surge GI's
4.500 British-lap- dogs
93.472 Mercenaries called , Contractors.
1.554 Israeli "interior-decorator s"
and about a total of 2.449 other Coalition of the Willing-Puppets

Give me 8.000 soldiers
and I can even start a war , anywhere !!
and would probably win it , too !!

Hezbollah has won a war from Israel , twice,
with only 3,320 soldiers !!

8.000 security agents needed in the only democraty in the ME......???
8.000 security agents needed in the biggest
and at greatest friend of the USA ....???

How may soldiers will then George need
when visiting in Iran ???? soon.

Sherlock Hommos
Military annalist

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