Thursday, January 17, 2008

The victims of that dubious victim.....

the first victim
the mother of that next-victim
the grand-mother of today's "Terrorist"

Do not blame the victims of Israel
they never wanted a State of Israel.

The State of Israel has made far more victims,
than itself was ever (allegedly) made out of any other victims..... ..

Do not blame the victims , they never had any armies.
Do not blame the Arabs ,neither,
they never voted for any Israel,
France and England and the USA did......

Do not blame me ,
I only saw and counted the victims, in my home-town... ..
all my youth....... and all my life, too.

Do not blame the victims
because they do not equate to their oppressors
nor did they ever do the same deeds .

Do not blame that Terrorist, neither,
because they have left him no other choice !!

Blame that invader , he has started it !!

Raja Chemayel


Cristina said...

Another of my favourites... my list of favourites is growing :)

Anonymous said...

Nice Raja!

Short but full of power.