Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tell me whom have you visited......?

" Tell me whom have you visited
and then
I shall tell you who you are ! "

a 21st Century Proverb ....by Sherlock Hommos PhD.

First ,
George went to visit Israel which is composed of two parts:
the stolen and the occupied.... ...
and which has two kind of inhabitants:
the colonising-settlers and the occupied-oppressed .

Second :
George visited Kuwait , a private Enterprise owned
by a Sunni Dynasty established by Great Britain
to rule on a Shia Majority and to divide
the original-oil-wealth of Iraq......
Even "Kuwait" is an Iraqi-name derived from the city of Kut, in Iraq.

Third :
Bahrain , a Kingdom not bigger than 55 football fields
serving as a Banking-Tax- heaven for the "you-know-who"
and as a alcohol-intoxication-centre for the Saudi-middle-class.
No forgetting the services......as a US Naval Base for horny-sailors. ......... ...

Fourth ,
The Emirates , a 1001 Nights Fairy Tale that came true,
Princes with a Magic Oil Lamp , called Petrol, and endless dreams.
The ruling class and the indigenous population are less than 10%
of the actual inhabitants' total.....
even the policemen are imported-labour !!
A shrine and a fortress for Multinationals and Capitalism
and for Tax-Evasions and off-shore paradise.
A recycling factory for international black money .
And of course , all the ruling Princes are ,
incidentally and accidentally, pro-West !!

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , an absolute-monarchy
established under the consent of Queen Victoria,
without any parliament , without any constitution,
and never has had even any sort of elections.
A country owned by a King.......when Islam forbids any monarchy.

Conclusion :
George Bush has visited his friends in the Middle East.
George avoided Turkey and Egypt ,
either out of cowardliness or out of wisdom...... ....
but anyhow a clever move !!

Sherlock Hommos
Travel's planing expert.

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