Monday, January 14, 2008

The Mosques and the Light-houses

Today some European-citizens are complaining about
the erection of so many new Mosques everywhere in Europe
(and I guess that also in the USA or Australia those same
reservations and complaints are also heard.)

If I may concentrate on Europe only ,
I remember that six centuries ago those same Europeans
did not like to see the Synagogues being build everywhere.. ...
especially here in the Netherlands when the Jews of Spain
and the Jews Portugal ,have had to run away from
the Catholics' fires, to seek refuge among the more enlightened
Protestants- reformists.

Those Synagogues today are more European than the EU main head-offices
in Brussels and are an integral indivisible part of Europe,
regardless of the long history of Jewish-discrimination
and persecutions by the European-Christians ,
for what ever reasons there were , or were not !!

Two millennium ago the first Churches in Europe
were also not welcome at all !!
and were hidden in catacombs and in grotto's.... .
Christians were thrown to feed the Lions , in Rome
even before they build the first Church there.

I shall not live until the next century
and I wish that the European-Muslims in the year 2114
shall not mind any new-comers.. ..whoever it may be,
(as long as they will be also monotheists. )

And I fear not Islam....
it has a clean record of tolerance !!
Jews under Islam were never so safe than elsewhere
and Christians under Islam have had nothing
sizeable to complain about ........

And anyhow ..........
only the tolerance survives history
and the contrary of it , is self-destructive and ugly .
Ask Adolf or Ariel....... !!

The Mosques of today's Europe
are the lighthouses of tomorrow's Europe.

Raja Chemayel
living in Europe

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