Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The death of a decoy......

A decoy-ambassador's-car in Beirut, is blown up
3 dead and 30 wounded
The Ambassador is safe...........and everybody-else is not.

It was in preparation to his Excellency's farewell party
and one decoy-car was sent to scout his route......

That Ambassador was having a reception at Hotel Phoenicia
where all the pro-government-parliamentarians resided
for security reasons, since months......

How appropriate was this *****Hotel
for such an appropriate party
with the appropriate guests !!

The Good-news is that this US-Ambassador is leaving Lebanon.

And the Bad-news is ,
that he shall be replaced by another US-Ambassador.

Until then ,
the Lebanese are blown up,
and the Ambassadors come and go !!!

Raja Chemayel
a Lebanese far from the Lebanon
and its Ambassadors.....

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