Friday, January 18, 2008

Two ways to solve that problem.....

There are two ways
for to bring about Peace
in and around Palestine.

One way would be to repatriate all those European-
invaders-immigrants who came to colonialize our Palestine.
The same boats or planes that brought them ,
can take them is not that complicated.

The second way would be the completion of
the ethnic-cleansing of the Palestinian population.....
but this plan has started already , 60 years ago ....!
and it is still working now.....unfortunately.

I suggest we all opt for the first proposal
because it produces less crime and less victims
and most of all it is historically+politically correct..

Of course you may tell me that there must be a third-way....
which I doubt very much ,
because the Culture of Apartheid and the Tradition of Tolerance
cannot fit together....
and they never did ........unless one of them must disappear....

Raja Chemayel
choosing the lesser evil

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