Friday, January 11, 2008

Bush visits Gaza....Incognito

George Bush visiting today Israel,
has heard that there are Palestinian-Christians in Gaza
and that some Christians celebrate Christmas now in January.

George thought it would be a good thing if he offers
support to the Christian Palestinians exclusively
so that jealousy and favouritism might split the Palestinian society.
Like in the Lebanon.....or Serbia.....or Bosnia.....etc.....

Dressed as a Santa Claus and with a bag full of presents,
he went to visit a Palestinian-Christian family in Gaza ,
of course.

Once there,
George noticed that Palestinian-Christians are
as bad as ......the Palestinian-Muslims ,
and there is no difference at all
because both are Ayrabs and Terrorists
" who want the destruction of Israel" ,
so they say.......

It was too late to leave and to go back to Tel Aviv,
with his presents.
Still ,George wanted to somehow abort his nice deed, as a Santa.

When everybody sat down for the distribution of the presents

George , the Santa , asked to the parents :
Why are the children so thin and meagre ??

The mother answered :
This is Gaza you know ? Dear Santa !
The Children do not eat well nor enough

George , the Santa, stood up promptly and said :
What do I hear ?? ......those children do not eat well ??
they must be punished for that disobedience
I shall leave back and not give the children any presents !!

Which he did immediately .
and took back to Israel those presents.

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
free-lance-reporter-in Gaza.

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