Thursday, January 10, 2008

The other Wall and that other president

As a great tradition of the Republicans especially ,
and US Presidents generally ,
great moments request great speeches.

Do you remember President Roro Reagan , when standing in Berlin
in front of that Wall ??
he said : Mr. Gorbachev please tear down that wall !!

Obviously , George Wall Bush being a Republican
and also a US President he would have to produce now
something , or anything historical fit to the occasion
of his historical visit today, to the Stolen-Land..........

His speech-writer is not accompanying him to Israel
so I was asked instead, to write him an appropriate speech
fit to Jerusalem and fit to that Wall around it......
not the Wall of the Old-city but the other Wall
the one which holds back the sick children
and holds back the pregnant women too.

So , anytime now , you will see George W Bush
on your TV screen ,making another historical speech,
just like Reagan did ..

He will say ,during that speech tomorow ,
in front of that Wall........loud and clear :
Mr. Abbas , please tear down that Wall !!

Of course ,
because the USA blames the Palestinians for that ugly Wall.....
Israelis have the right "to defend themselves"
but the Palestinians are not allowed
to stand in front of.............. the Israeli-Bullets !!

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
a Devil's speech-writer

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