Monday, September 17, 2007

Tribalism,Cannibalism and cheap-Illusions

Very recently a new-found-ally of George Bush's
was blown-up while driving in his armoured car
He was a tribal leader , a Sunni Tribal Leader

(if ever his sect does matter , in that case)

His name is irrelevant , as much as his role were,
he must have believed George when the later
told him that he came for spreading Democracy
and that God , the almighty, talked to him.....

A short lived alliance between:
Iraqi-Tribalism- Opportunism and the White-house- Cannibalism .

Although the USA has sent 164.449 soldiers
to steal the Iraqi OIL.......
they also have hired 93.781 mercenaries
to protect those Iraqi-traitors- collaborators- profiteers.

Obviously neither was successful so far
The Oil shall dry out and the Traitors will go first.

But what bothers me the most , is the pretencion
or the illusion that one can achieve any Democracy
with the help of Tribal-Chiefs. ....
It is like the attempt to restoring the Royalist in France
with the help of Gavroche or Robespierre.

Just in case you did not notice yet :

none of Bush's choices and or allies
do look like , or even smell like....Democracy !

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
Marketing Manager ,
frozen-Democracies Ltd.
17 . 09 . 2007

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