Saturday, September 22, 2007

Portugal and Spain , Lebanon and Syria

Pro-Syrai Demonstration in Beirut

Within days only,

Lebanon ought to have a new president elected.

Must the new President be Pro-Syria or Pro-Syrian

where lies geographically ,the Lebanon ?

is Lebanon between Portugal and Spain, perhaps ??

or rather a cut-out-piece of Syria....?? !!

Why must not a Lebanese President be Pro-Syrian ?
Would you prefer a Pro-Democracy -President,
so as Husny Mubarak ?

or Pro-Democracy as King Abdullah of Jordan ??

What the West calls "Moderate" leaders
when it really means "Castrated" rulers.

Must the President of the Land of Cedars

be more faithful to that country

which produces the Bordeaux wines ??

Or a sub-servant to the country

that gave us Kentucky Fried Chicken ??

For those Lebanese who claim that Lebanon and Syria

were two different countries , I shall remind them

that all their Grand fathers were born as Syrian citizens,

(unless if they were Armenians living in the Lebanon) .

The expression " Pro Syrian" is used as a reproach

if not as an accusation.. ......

what other "Pro-" would you prefer ??

How can a country 220 km long and 60 km wide

be anything isolated or anything so special ??

Are we a Monaco , a Lichtenstein or a San Marino ??

What ever is elected and who ever is elected

shall be a Pro-something.. ....
Would you blame the Portugese President
if he were a Pro-Spain-Person ??

If we do not like Syria , let us change Syria to the better

instead of hiding under the skirts Condolisa Rice ,

in the name of Democracy and in the name of theLebanese Independence.

Why should Bernard Kouchner visit 5 times

the Lebanese Maronite Patriarch ??

is Bernard to be converted to Maronitism ??
or the Patriarch will become a Democrat ??

And that US Ambassador in Lebanon

has visited the same Patriarch, more often

than visiting his own wife !!

Saad el Hariri is more Saudi than anything else I know

and his coalition-allies are either Pro-Israel, or Pro-USA,
or Pro-France ,whereas non of them is Pro-Honesty.

If Portugal were to Speak Spanish instead of Portuguese

could you or would you wish to separate it from Spain ??

Lebanon speaks the same Arabic as Syria ,

we have even the same folk-dances and the same cuisine.

I know not one Lebanese who has not relatives in Syria !

Lebanon and Syria are both at least 6000 years old

but their (separation) borders were drawn only 62 years ago ,

so being Pro-Syria is more than natural and realistic .

Both Germany's are reunited now and both parts Syria

are constantly and wishfully separated by those
sames Powers that created that artificial-separati on.

A non-Pro-Syria Lebanese President is rathera separatist ,

a renegade and an evasionist from the Truth.

Portugal without Spain is an Island

Lebanon without Syria is not Lebanon !!

Raja Chemayel
a Lebanese because I am Syrian !

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