Friday, September 21, 2007

Peace ? or Peace-Conference !!

Peace ??
or just , Peace-Conferences !!

Peace means a lot of different things

for a lot of different people :

For the Israelis

it means that they could still hold on to the stolen Land.

For the USA ,

it means not exactly Peace ,

but rather a Peace-Conference

For the Palestinians

it is simply another "morphine-injection" that will ease the paine

instead of curing the illness..... until the next conference.

For the Hotel Managers ,

in Sharm el Shaikh and elsewhere

it means full-house-occupancy and good advertisement for the holiday-resort

For the Media ,

it is , prime-time-stuff and good material for the "talk-shows"

and a boots for advertisemenst, commercials and sponsoring.

For Mahmoud Abbas ,

just an excuse to leave Mrs. Abbas at home alone,

and to run after the room-maids of Sharm el Shaikh Resort,

otherwise it is all so boring.

For Simon Perez

a chance to win the world record of the
25th consecutive- Peace-Conference
( and again a result-less one)

For Peace , itself ,

it means practically nothing relevant ,

simply because JUSTICE is not invited .....

and the victim is not even recognised

nor identified !!.

Sherlock Hommos

give me only Justice..... ...and keep your Peace

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