Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Blame Game

The President of United States of American
listened to the CIA's advises
and consequently he invaded Iraq

Today that same President is listening to General Petreaus
on how to get out of Iraq . (in one piece) ,

That sames president has had six of most-close-advisers
(all of them were incidentally ,from the same religion)
and all have in the meantime , lost their jobs ,
for different reasons but mainly for the Iraq's failings.

There are many reasons for the total disasters in Iraq
and opinions differ on who is to be blamed :

General Petraeus blames Al Qua'eeda
Condi Rice blames Iran
George Bush blames Global-Terrorism
Ehud Olmert blames Syria
My mother-in-Law blames my writings
Hilary Clinton blames the non-armoured-Hummer-cars
Barak Obama blames the jet-lag among the troops
Iran blames Salman Rusdie
Al Gore blames it on Global Warming
Oussama Ben Laden blames the infidels
The two million Refugees blame
the United Nation's High Council for the Refugees
The one million dead blame..........nobody.....anymore.

Personally I blame a lot of people,
but chiefly I blame the only winner in this game:
The State of Israel....who else ??

Raja Chemayel
the blameless.......but yet frustrated !!
15 Sept.2007

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