Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Hollow-Ghost and the Juices.........

  Juices-only .
A hollow-ghost

The Hollow-Ghost that came to the juices was unjustified
and this is the case of all the Hollow-Ghosts. .....
which are all non-human !!

Nevertheless it happened also to the non-juices,
therefore those juices cannot claim any exclusivity
nor claim the rights to any special-treatments.

Hollow-Ghosts are an unfortunate- component of each man´s history
and they should be equally and totally condemned.

Juices are simply what they are ,
and should not be considered more than a part of the fruits
out of which they came out.

One cannot claim that an Orange-juice
is superior to an Orange.

After all ,juices are not to be kept separated but they should merge in
a multi-fluid- cocktail to produce a drink which suits all tastes of humanity.

Gone are the days of the chosen-separated-exclusive-juices !!
whereas the juices are an excuse for racism.

Humanity, if it does not mix ,
shall end up in ugly apartheid's
and in some islands of isolated-nations. .........
called it Ghettos, or pure-nations. .

If and when the juices do mix-around , next time ,
the Hollow-Ghosts will not be able to isolate and to find them .

But we should put this Hollow-Ghost in its own context
and no more assume that it is unique, nor that it is
anyone´s  exclusive-property. .....
nor that it comes only to the Juices !!

What if the Hollow-Ghost has never existed ??
 which is also a  possibility !!
some believe what they like ...
and others like what they believe .
some do not like to believe..... 
because they do not like what they see .

Some hate all the juices fundamentally ,
ome others pity them blindly,
others suffer from an inferiority , once they encounter them........

I do not mind the juices ,
 as long as they do not steal my national-rights
or when they steal my holy books ,
nor would they steal anyone´s rights.

Raja Chemayel
a juice-lover


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