Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tony made the world a much safer place.
I wish this were true......!
but ,
history punishes also the wrong ones !!!

Tony Blair appearing at the Iraq enquiry commission
declared as a conclusion of his five hours interviews
that " now that Saddam Hussein is eliminated,
the World is a safer place ........" unquote

My personal conclusion about Tony Blair
was that he always was a liar
and now he proved that he is an idiot , as well .

Tony is either  ,
an idiot who lies, or he is indeed , a lying-idiot
but most probably :
Tony is a liar thinking that we were all idiots .

Anyhow the Taliban's and the Al Kayda
sleep much better since Tony has made his wars
the freedom-fighters in Iraq ,
 the Muslim-fundamentali st
the Muslim-radicals
the Muslim-fanatics
the liberation movements
all the anti-imperialists
all of them ,
have now more reasons to fight back against
the imperial-West .

And before I leave you,
I would like to inform you that Tony also said :
" I would do it again......" unquote
so sleep well !!.......... ......... ... if you still can.

Sherlock Hommos

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