Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Penelope and her unfinished cloth.......

In the Greek Mythology was a Lady called Penelope
who was in love with the great-hero-voyager , Ulysses.

Ulysses went on endless voyages and she stayed home
waiting for his return.
Another man asked Penelope for marriage and she has had no excuse
to make him wait , as Ulysses was gone far too long.

She invented an excuse for making him wait longer ,
when she said that she will marry him as soon as her work
on a cloth, she was weaving , would finish .

Penelope would work all day on that cloth ,
and secretly at night she come back and undo her work.......
so that her cloth never finished
and that second-man could never marry her.

The legend has a happy-ending , because ,
long time after Ulysses comes back to her
before that cloth is ever completely achieved .
And that second-man never could marry Penelope.

And what does this mythological- legend has to do
with Palestine and Israel's conflict ???

Elementary my dear Watson !!

Replace Penelope by the "State of Israel"
and then replace the woven-cloth by the "Peace-process"
and finally replace the" Palestinian- rights " by this second-man
waiting endlessly and in vain , to marry Penelope.... ....

Delaying-tactics and winning just by delaying any other solution
is a strategy by itself......

Israel always starts Peace-negotiations
and then it sabotages them , as soon as,
any results may come out....
( the Oslo-charade is the best example )
All rounds of Peace-negotiations in the last 40 years
have had the same fate.
Because Peace makes Israel return
any portion of the stolen-lands. .....
and that is not the purpose of Zionism.

Sherlock Hommos
negotiator , if there are any result , in sight !!


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