Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Shoe , the Minister and Iraqi law-standarts

the World's most famous shoe

The Courts of Baghdad,within the same week
have issued two condemnations :
The first one was ,16 years,
for an innocent Foreign Minister
for allegedly lawfully executing 40 super-thieves

Which means that the Minister got 2,5 years
for each life he ,allegedly,has had executed.

Simultaneously another Court in Baghdad
condemns a journalist for 3 years in Prison.
For throwing his 2 shoes at George Bush

Which means the journalist got :
3 years-prison for a pair of shoes
(and 1,5 year per shoe......)

Conclusion :
G.W.Bush has brought justice and democracy to Iraq
whereas a pair of shoes are worth more than a human-life.
according to today's new-Iraqi law-standards.

Of course one would say that the 40 executed were thieves
and usurpers who have suck the blood of the people.....

Yes !!!
but I do ask you : Was G.W. Bush any better ??

Sherlock Hommos

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