Friday, March 20, 2009

When the investigator is also the investigated

when Israelis investigate Israelis....

There is recently a new investigation
whether or not Israel would have committed
Crimes against Humanity
or War Crimes , in Gaza.

To start , I say it is neither the first time
that Israel commits those crimes
nor it is the first time that an investigation-commission
is established and requested to investigate.

More over it is not the first time that the investigators
and the investigated are from the same Nationality
and even the same Army .

What is new,this time,
is that no foreign Journalist/reporters
were allowed to be present.

Last time in 1982 the person found guilty of
a similar massacre of Sabra and Chatila
became 10 years later rewarded
even as a Prime Minister.....
of the same people who investigated him
and even found him guilty.

So let us not rejoice ,
because an investigation
will not bring back our 1200 dead civilians
nor it would blame and nor punish the IDF..

Nor would it make anyone more humane.......

We die , they get a Medal
they die , we are called Terrorists !!

Raja Chemayel

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