Sunday, March 8, 2009

China is thirsty too......
Sherlock, talking to the Devil.

When the first Israeli died
and (by mistake) he went to Heaven
and then he found it full of non-Jews........also

So he asked if Heaven were now a universal place
and why then his people were , at all, "chosen" ??
and what for ??
if at the end all good people meet in one place ?? !!
and all the bad-people go to another place ,
whether they are Jews or not !!

That Israeli asked to meet the Almighty
but only Jesus was available to speak to him .

He said :
Jesus, why not having a secluded-heaven for us ,
for us , the Jews only ??

Jesus replied :
for Jews ,only ??....... what for ??
do you mean that there are still Jews on Earth ??
so my coming and my martyrdom was for nothing ?? !!

Sherlock Hommos
theologist and theologe and theophile

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