Friday, March 13, 2009

Mission accomplished

.The right Terrorist
the right catastrophe
the right Hoax .

The wrong President
the wrong invader
the wrong result

Soon comes the anniversary for the sixth year
of the rape of Iraq.......

And ,when we all agree that:
Democracy, religious-moderatio n,governance- transparency ,
women-rights , human-rights , education, ethnic-rights and local-autonomy' s ,
security, health-care ,non-sesectarianism corruption-control
are all very much essential in any society or in any nation,

Then ,
we must admit and submit that all the above virtues,
were better practised and better preserved
under President Saddam Hussein and the Baath Party.

Denying those virtues and or destroying them
was the original and the secret plan of the USA's Bush regime.

What ever shall come out of Iraq shall be
and will be less than Saddam's Iraq !!

Only Iran and Ben Ladin and Israel and Hally Burton
have profited.

What ever Saddam's Regime was , or even it was not......
it was 10 times better , than what we have now ,
as replacement.

Therefore the USA may ,now ,raise the banner :
" Mission accomplished !! "
and it will not be a lie,
this time , for a change .

Raja Chemayel

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