Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Crimes against humanity" and the 40 Vampires

Mr. Michael Tarek Aziz
........accused of "Crimes-against- humanity"
by those who know not Humanity....

Yesterday a court in Baghdad has sentenced
Mr. Tarek Aziz for 16 years imprisonment.
The charges are " Crime against Humanity "

The facts :
During the economical siege on Iraq
which went on for 11 years ,
there were 40 importers and traders , in food-stuffs
and general-nutrition- raw-materials , who were found
guilty of usurpation and artificially inflating the prices
and attempting to impose a price monopoly.

Those 40 criminal-persons were lawfully executed
after a Martial-Court has found them guilty.

At that time ,
Mr. Tarek Aziz was the foreign-Minister
of the republic of Iraq....

Two questions :
1- how do you punish usurpers (in food stuff )
during a siege and when Martial-Law is applied. ??
2- What is the relation between a Foreign-Minister
and some usurpers being punished by a legal Court.. ??

If there was a "Crime against Humanity"
then those 40 thieves would have committed it
and not Mr. Tarek Aziz
and not even the Court that found them guilty .

Invading Iraq was done under false pretext
and today's Courts of Baghdad are even worse than false.

That same Court has found President Saddam guilty
of lawfully-executing those who once tried to assassinate him.

And the bad-joke is that this Baghdad-Court
used the term " Crime against Humanity"
when there was no Crime
and while this Court knows not any Humanity ,
which starts usualy with , sincerity ,
honesty..... and legality.
..........all absent from that Court.

Raja Chemayel

PS :
If the French-revolution would have caught those 40 usurpers
they would have had the same fate ,but using a sharp Guillotine..
And Mr. Tarek Aziz would have had his statue
on the Champs-Elysee or in the gardens of Versailles.

If the Cuban-Revolution would have the same case of usurpers
no one would recognise their grave , today.

If Trotsky were still alive , he would also have sent them
to Siberia , with a one way ticket...... .

If the Vatican would have caught them in the Middle-Ages
they would be burned alive......

I agree with all cases , including the one in Baghdad,
but Mr. Tarek Aziz is simply innocent !!
and this Court ought to hang itself !!

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