Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The theology of Liberation

Two armed-liberation- forces... .
with two religions, but one God.

Two British-soldiers were assassinated
yesterday in Northern-Ireland.

They were packing their stuff , and getting ready
to be re-deploid in Afghanistan.

Fate caught up with them, faster than life itself
and they shall never see Afghanistan , again.

The " Real IRA" has claimed the responsibility
of their assassination ..........
Destiny or Fate or Bad-Luck was faster, than the Taliban's.

There is something undeniable and unavoidable
about the Theology-of- Liberation :
............ ......... ...it liberates .... !!
whether it liberates the Catholics of Ireland
or it liberates the Muslims of Afghanistan
God is always with the oppressed people....
although most of the Kings and the most oppressors
do claim to have him on their side.

(Northern) Ireland and Afghanistan
are occupied, today, as in 200 years ago
The death of those two poor-souls,
is ,for us, just a reminder.... ......

Imperialism does not mind which the religion its victims do have .
And Liberation does not mind neither the religion of its oppressors .

If a religion liberates , then it is welcome
and when a religion enslaves then it is not.

If the IRA were only an Irish-Football- club it would never
have (partly) liberated its home......
and the Taliban's are Afghans who which to run their own country
as they think it is right to do....

Being ,myself ,a christian I salute the Muslim- Taliban's
until the Afghans themselves decide for another liberator.
Being ,myself, an evangelical/ protestant I also salute the Catholic-IRA
until Ireland decides to replace them , by whoever might be better.

I offer my condoleances to the families of the 2 dead soldiers.
At least they died with no blood on their hands !!

Raja Chemayel

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