Monday, May 11, 2009

An Island in the Metaphorean-Sea
Three Lesbians
from the Island of Lesbos,
while non is lesbian!!.

Once there was an island called ,
where all the Lesbians lived,
on that Metaphorian-sea,
Once , also , but elsewhere ,
there were lesbians who never lived on Lesbos.
nor did ever get even near to the Metaphorian-sea....
One could be a Lesbian , by birth
another could become lesbian "by choice"
and a third could be
a Lesbian without being lesbian
and a forth one, could become lesbian,
without even living on Lesbos island.
A variety of possibilities and yet non of which
are contradictory to the other.
Not even any Paradox........just a matter of
definitions and adjectives.
One could be born in Lesbos , thus a Lesbian,
but at the same time becomes naturalised as Bulgarian.
Or a Bulgarian could become a lesbian,
without emigrating to Lesbos nor acquiring
any Lesbian (Greek) passport .
Having said that ,
I admit that I am not anti-lesbian , nor anti Lesbian
and I must give to those Lesbians & lesbian,
their full rights ,just like I do give all rights
for the Cypriots, the Maltese and the Cretans
..........and also the Cypriot-lesbians , equally.

Remains the fundamental question :
who is Lesbian and who is lesbian ??
and how can one be Lesbian
when one is not lesbian ,
and vise-versa.
And last but not least, I say :
is a Maltese-lesbian ,
identical/equal/same as
a Cypriot-lesbian ?
Is lesbian a national identity ?
Now , on the other hand ,
the Land of Canaan was never an island....
like Lesbos, was .
and the Canaanites lived there
even before Mr. Abraham (of Uur) came over.....
Some Abrahamists "got it" by birth.....
an some Abrahamists "became (it): by conviction ,
or by conversion.
And many Canaanites were not converted,to Abrahamism
but could, at least , stay in the Land of Canaan.
Other Canaanites became Abrahamist ,
but lost the Land Canaan...
Is Abrahamism a national Identity ??
and what about the Judaism, itself ?

The worst , are those who
are neither Abrahamist nor even Canaanites ,
they still got (occupy)
the Land of Canaan.....
claiming to be, what they are not !!

Raja Chemayel
seeking realism in the world of Metaphoria

NB :
The author is a disslektic-french-educated-Arab
who graduated from Germany , living in the Netherlands
and has never learned English........properly.

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