Sunday, May 15, 2011

The opposit of the opposition
the symbol for
the Arab-oppositions and their Arab-rulers

When you are active within
an opposition to a dictatorship,
this alone,
does not make you a "democrat ".

I know some dictators who would love
to replace another dictator,
while they call themselves:
 " democratic-opposition "

I know also,
some dictators who are in an opposition
to a fairly-democratic-regime.

Like the killers of Salvador Allende
who called themselves :
"guardians of the democracy"

What ever you are,
you must be better
than your opponents.

I see no better Qaddafi
within his opposition !!
Ask the ANC+Sahrawees
 who has helped them
during their long struggle.

I see no better Assad
within his opposition  !!
Ask Hamas + Hezbollah
who has helped them ??

Raja Chemayel


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