Monday, May 16, 2011

The Swiss-Water-Proof-Watch of Ussama
The watch on the right hand........means.........
Ussama is left-handed
The watch on the left-hand.........means.....
Ussama is  right -handed

My question remains whether or not , 
Ussama Ben Ladin was wearing his water-proof-watch 
when he was "thrown into the Sea " ??
and if he were wearing this watch ,
was it on his right hand ??  or on his left hand ??

Why I ask ?........... you may ask .

Because the last 10 years
I noticed  many contradictory pictures and or video films ,
 in which Ussama was sometimes left-handed
and others not........

But anyhow , do not worry !!
because I am sure that Ussama must have had a water-proof-Swiss-watch
when they throwed him in the sea, so it will survive .

Eng. Moustafa Roosenblom
I wonder what kind of Watch,  has the Colonel in Libya

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