Monday, May 16, 2011

The faceless Terrorist
The faceless, fearless
and  conscienceless

It has a pilot
but its pilot does not fly

It has a mission
but has no goal

It has a purpose
but no target

It flies anywhere
and kills anyone

it was designed by a Swiss who spoke Italian
it was build by an Italian working in a Belgium factory
a Dutchman sold it to a Spanish working for the king of Morocco
its engine is Japanese while the wings were fabricated in China
the weaponry are Koreans  and the missiles are Israeli.

Its victim is faceless and its commander has no face.

It was meant for the braves who do not dare
and for the politicians who do not care

It is a drone
which has no eyes and no conscience
it is blind for the truth and does not see its victims

It is a drone
it defends the mighty from the powerless
it keeps the rich richer and makes the poor dissapear

It is a drone
it needs no courage , nor feelings , nor guilt
it flies, kills and come back.....spotless

It  is a drone
the faceless terrorist  !!

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