Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The taylor-made-laws regulating our memories.

The victims of the Holocaust
the perpetrators of the Nakba !!

It is getting so near to the absurd:

In Israel it is forbidden by a tailor-made- law,
to deny or to doubt the Holocaust
Equally it is forbidden by, another-tailor- made-law
to commemorate the Nakba.

In other words :
only the "Law" allows you to deny anything
only the "law" tells you what to remember , or not to !!

In many other countries it is also forbidden to deny the Holocaust
but ,they have not yet decided whether to forbid any memories.... .
or commemoration of the Nakba ..

I do not deny the Holocaust
I only doubt about its size.....
and its real-motivations.

Therefore I hope that next year ,  the Law-makers
shall not "forbid us to doubt any sizes or motivations" .......of anything .

The Holocaust lasted 4 years
and has already ended 65 years ago.....
while ,
the Nakba started 62 years ago
and is still on-going !!

Raja Chemayel
not doubting the size of this absurdity.

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