Saturday, May 29, 2010

Omelet recepe´s
You cannot make an omelet
without , first ,breaking the eggs !!

The Jewish-omelet :
first ,you borough 3 eggs,
at a very-low-lending- interest- rate
and then......

The Israel -omelet :
first you steal 3 Palestinian eggs
and say that the UN allowed it,
and then......

The British-omelet :
first ,you promise 3 Palestinian eggs
to the European Jews
and then.......

The USA -omelet :
first ,you steal 3 Iraqi eggs,
and then ,let Kuwait + Saudi pay for them
and you  give them all to Israel
and call it The Democracy-omelet

Lebanese-omelet :
first,  you take a chicken as a partner
later it gives you the 3 eggs for free
and then you pay back to the chicken  23%
of the omelet price,
you have just sold to the Saudis.

Italian-omelet :
no need for any recipe
just go and see your Mama !!

Gaza-omelet :
first you finish building your Tunnel...
and then.....
you look for a lost chikken in Sinai

Sherlock Hommos

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