Thursday, May 27, 2010

" 911 " Part Two.
This is the biggest " CORPUS-DELICTI "
I have ever seen !!

Oops !!

North Korea has sunk a South Korean military vessel
Why would it do that ??

This amounts to a declaration of war
to an area that has not known anything else
than wars and-or cease-fires !!!

Why would North Korea torpedo
a South Korean Navy ship ???

My suspicious-mind tells me 

that the North-Koreans (who are no angels) 
are being sucked into a conflict
whereas the outcome would be a war.....inevitably.

A script-book  for  a  " 911"  Part Two "

North Korea is not accused 

of the Weapons of Mass Destruction
simply because..... ... it does have them.
N-Korea..... is not Iraq !!

Secondly the theatre of operations shall be
conveniently ,far from the USA and Europe......
at the door-steps of China
which shall collect all the dusts,
including any nuclear-dust , eventually.

I smell a rat !!
and this time it is a " black-rat " !!
( the white-trash- rat is no more )

911 worked out very well far
because ,Palestine is forgotten,
Iraq is completely ruined and crippled
Afghanistan is sent 2 century,backwards
and it offers a launching-pad towards Iran
while , Israel is standing sovereign.

Sherlock  Hommos
Investigator, adding one plus one.

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